Laboratorium Ecca has made mycotoxins one of the priority analyses within its offer. Meanwhile, we have many years of experience with the following mycotoxins included in the legislation: Aflatoxin B1-B2-G1-G2, DON, ZEA, T2, HT2, Ochratoxin A, FUM B1 and FUM B2.

Mycotoxins are a group of toxic substances formed by certain yeasts on various crops. They are directly responsible for making a large proportion of agricultural products unfit for human or animal consumption. The legislative framework in this area is also becoming increasingly sophisticated.

In order to respond to specific questions and anticipate future legislative extensions, ECCA is already offering the possibility of analysing an extension package:

– 3-acetyl-DON and 15-acetyl-DON: metabolites of DON

– Nivalenol: mycotoxin of trichothecene group (DON , ZEA , T2 and HT2)

– α-zearalenol and β-zearalenol: metabolites of ZEA


If we can contribute in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us at cs@ecca.be.