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Eurofins ECCA guarantees the quality, safety and health of humans, animals, and the environment by advising companies and organisations in the field of food and environmental legislation.

The broad and in-depth scientific knowledge of our 130 employees is a guarantee for reliable, independent, and fast analyses.

Our services

Does your wastewater exceed the standards? Are you wondering how best to package a new product? Are you considering a challenge test? Do you want to know how long your food product will keep?

Do you suspect that your building contains asbestos? …

Eurofins ECCA has the experts, the knowledge, and the material to carry out high-quality analyses in four fields of expertise:


Do you want to guarantee the safety of your product and prevent costly recalls? Have your products analysed and detect pathogens, allergens, or contaminants.

Our consultants think together with industrial companies: this is how you comply with legislation, limit your ecological footprint, and improve your processes.

Eurofins ECCA helps to market non-food products (e.g., cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergents, and cleaning agents) efficiently, legally, and safely.

Are you renovating or demolishing a (company) building? Then think about the health of the people in and around the building. Because the vicious fibre asbestos is life-threatening.

more than a lab

Eurofins ECCA is more than a lab: As a committed, independent, and accessible family business, we translate our analyses into practical recommendations, help you improve your business processes and constantly develop new test methods.



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