Reliable asbestos inventory

An asbestos inventory is a file in which an expert lists which parts of your building contain asbestos. For each building material containing asbestos, you will find advice on its treatment or removal.


Legal obligation

Such an inventory is legally required in several cases:

  • Contractors who have employees carry out demolition work must have an asbestos inventory.
  • From 2022, an asbestos inventory certificate is legally required for the sale of a building dating from before 2001.
  • From 2032, an asbestos inventory must be drawn up for every building dating from before 2001, regardless of any sale.

Progress of an asbestos inventory

No matter what type of building you have, everyone can come to us for an asbestos inventory. We first collect all the technical information about your building and then carry out an on-site survey: 

  • Depending on the destination and use of the site, we carry out a non-destructive investigation, in which we only inspect the outer materials.
  • If you opt for a destructive investigation, then we also include the underlying and intermediate building materials in the inventory. A destructive survey is particularly recommended for demolition work in order to limit the risks of exposure.

Our asbestos experts will be pleased to assist you with a full asbestos or demolition inventory on site.