Asbestos is a harmful substance that resides in many buildings. If the minuscule fibre gets loose, it can cause very serious health problems. That is why the government obliges you to make an inventory of the presence of asbestos, in order to be able to remove or fix it safely afterwards. ECCA helps you with a thorough asbestos analysis.

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How do we support you?

Are you renovating or demolishing an older building? As a Tracimat expert, we draw up your asbestos inventory and/or demolition follow-up plan (SOP). Because the FPS-WASO recognises our lab, we are also allowed to analyse material suspected of containing asbestos. In this way, we help you to protect the health of your employees or residents.


Which asbestos surveys do we offer?

  • We identify asbestos in building materials, soil, pavement layers, water …
  • A (mandatory) asbestos inventory maps out the asbestos in a building. Thanks to ECCA’s analysis and reporting, you can remove hazardous substances before works start.
  • We then assist you in drawing up a demolition follow-up plan. This plan outlines how best to collect, store, and dispose of recoverable and hazardous materials.
  • Finally, we carry out an inspection after demolition work. This way, you can be sure that everything has been carried out according to plan.

Would you like to be certain about the presence of asbestos in your building?